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12/31/11 - MORE new features!  We had another user request to let you also search by inserts that have NOT expired yet. We thought it was a great idea and it's now live.  Happy New Year, all!

12/13/11 - It's LIVE.  You can now choose dates to search. That means no more searching inserts you've already checked!

12/11/11 - The new search feature looks to be done. We'll keep testing to make sure everythings right and then email everyone about the new feature!

12/1/11 - Well it's been awhile since we've updated. One could think we haven't done much, but we have been VERY busy!  We've partnered with many other blogs and have lots of new visitors. We're currently working on a new feature which should make cleaning out your coupons even easier!  Stay tuned....

7/24/11 - Welcome Bargain Blessings readers from the Colorado area!

7/19/11 - Got a mention from The Coupon Trainer.  Thanks Rebecca and welcome to your Illinois readers!

7/15/11 - We got our first Facebook sign-up!  Thanks Krista!  When you have a chance, be sure to like us on Facebook and help us spread the word.

7/12/11 - Welcome readers of Sarah's Deals!

7/11/11 - Added the windy city to the states list. Welcome Illinois readers!

7/10/11 - Welcome Idaho readers!  We now have Idaho on our states list.

7/9/11 - Added the great state of Oregon to our states list.  Welcome to Coupon Cleanout Oregon readers!!

7/8/11 - Added the great state of Indiana to our states list. Welcome Indiana readers!

7/7/11 - Added Frugally Thrifty for our Texas readers.

7/7/11 - Added Coupon Lovin' Mom for our Michigan readers (Michigan sure is popular!).  Also, check out the nice mention Carol gave us on her site.  Thanks Carol!

7/7/11 - Added Rainy Day Coupons for New York readers. Thanks Kim for the very kind mentions!

7/6/11 - Added Coupon Queen Diaries for our Tennessee readers.  In addition, Staci gave us a great write-up.  Thanks so much Staci for sharing our site with your readers!

7/5/11 - Added Saving Dollars & Cents for our Michigan readers.

7/5/11 - Added Cheapskate Cafe, also for our Michigan readers.

7/5/11 - Added Centsable Coupon Lady for our Tennessee readers.

7/5/11 - Raining Hot Coupons wrote us up for Topic Tuesday. Thanks Sarah!

7/5/11 - Added Short on Cents to our site. Thanks so much for the mentions Angie!

7/5/11 - We got a nice mention from Bargains to Bounty!  Go check it out and THANKS Jolyn!!!

7/3/11 - Added Raining Hot Coupons to our site. Sarah is super nice, go check out her site!

72/11 - Added The Coupon Girl to our site for all the Arizona readers.  Tracy was great to work with.  Arizona readers GO CHECK HER OUT!

7/1/11 - Added Bargains to Bounty for our Michigan readers.  Jolyn even gave us a mention at a recent coupon class. She found out about us from a reader.  Thanks so much Jolyn!!!

7/1/11 - Added The Freebies Supersite.  If you want something for free (not just groceries), this is the place to go. Thanks Craig for suggesting we trade banners!

6/25/11 - Added Coupons to Troops as an additional resource for donating your expired coupons.  Thanks Lesley for letting us know about the great work you're doing!

6/24/11 - We got a new facelift!  For anyone who used our site before, I'm sure you'll agree, it was pretty darned plain. And limited.  We now feature a lot more states and we look good doing it! Thanks to Fat Creative for helping us with this.

Now it's easy to clean out your expired coupons
Send your expired coupons to the military

How it works

Choose your state to see which inserts are safe to clean out.

Don't Toss 'em Out

Military families can use coupons up to 6 months past expiration.

Now it's easy to clean out your coupons
Now it's easy to clean out your coupons
Now it's easy to clean out your coupons