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And we'd like to exchange links with you!

Banner ads on our site is a new thing.  For quite some time, we were simply a meat and potatoes kinda site. Recently, we got a facelift from the nice folks at Fat Creative and we now have space for banner ads.  If you have a coupon blog and would like to exchange links with us, drop us a line.

We have two options for exchanging links: All state pages or a single state page.  Single state page ads are displayed in no particular order first followed by all state page ads, again in no particular order.

You can save a banner to your PC by right-clicking on the image and choosing Save Image As (PC) or you can click and drag the image from your browser window to the desktop on a Mac.  Please link to

What is RP1 & RP2 (or SS1 and SS2) on the list?

Some weeks we are lucky enough to have more than one insert.  The inserts aren't labeled as 1 and 2, we are just fortunate to have them.  Since they aren't labeled, and we don't want anyone to toss the wrong insert, we have combined the expiration dates for both inserts.  What that means is, if your listing shows it's safe to toss RP1 & RP2, then it's safe to toss both inserts as all the coupons have expired.  This does mean you might have to hang onto RP1 a bit longer than needed until RP2 has all expired, but we'd prefer to err on the side of caution.  I know I wouldn't want to toss out something that I shouldn't have!

Is there a charge to use the site?

No, there is no charge to use our site. We're a community of people trying to save money, after all! 

However, our site is solely supported by ads.  You might want to click an ad or two to help us out when something goods shows up :-)

How did this site get started?

This site was started by an avid couponer.

One of the challenges raised by me and my couponing friends was when to clean out the coupons. We all use the whole insert method, we've found that it took the least amount of time to manage.

Except for cleaning out the coupons.

Taking the time to read the expiration dates of each coupon in an insert took way too much time. Instead, I would keep the inserts probably much longer than needed to make sure I didn't discard the one coupon left that could have been a great deal!  When I was checking expiration dates, I recruited the help of my nine year old daughter to read the inserts for me and then emailed my couponer friends which inserts were safe to pull out of their filing systems.

Putting it on a website seemed the next logical step.

And that's how Coupon Cleanout got started.

How do you know what date is safe to discard?

Well that's easy. We simply look through the insert and check the expiration dates. We add one day to whatever date is the latest expiration date in that insert.  Once the latest expiration date has passed, then it's safe to discard the entire insert.

Your site says to toss the 10/12 RP, but my paper didn't have one.

We compile our list of inserts at the start of the year based on the coupon insert schedule.  That list is what is expected to come out and when.  When the actual insert comes out it may not match what's in our database, so we set what hasn't been updated to expire.

I registered, but can't log-in

When you register at Coupon Cleanout, you create a user account with a username and password. The username is NOT the same as your email address.  If you can't remember your password, click on the Member Login page and click "Forgot your password". If you can't remember your username, click on the link "Forgot your username".

If you can't remember either, you can either register again or send us an email and we'll do our best to assist you. Very often, simply resetting your password seems to work for most users.

Who is this site for?

This site is useful to anyone using the whole insert coupon method.  That means someone who stores theirs coupons by writing the dates on the entire insert.  If you cut your individual coupons, then this won't work for you.

How do I use this site? What's the best way to get started?

We've recently made some changes that let you search a few different ways so you can find the one that work's best for you. First things first -- Select your state from the search box. On the state page, you have a few options.

Option 1 - See all the inserts that are still valid and should not be tossed. There is a link at the top of the page that will show you all the valid inserts in the database.

Option 2 - Hit the submit button at the bottom of the page to see ALL the inserts that have expired and are safe to toss.

Option 3 - Enter new dates to search a specific time period. This is helpful if you clean out your coupons on a regular basis. Then you can search for the inserts that have expired since the last time you cleaned out your coupons. That's usually a much smaller list to go through, and this is the method we all use at Coupon Cleanout and naturally, the method we recommend.

Regardless of the option you choose, we'll keep track of what you did last time. So if the last time you visited was June 1, 2011, we'll assume you want to see all the inserts that expired from June 1, 2011 through today and automatically enter those dates in the search boxes for you. If you searched for valid inserts last time, we'll remind you of that too.

After choosing an option and getting your list of inserts, simply print the list and bring it to your coupon stash.

Now what could be simpler than that?

My state isn't listed yet, how come?

We add new states as soon as the information is available to us.  If you'd like us to add your state, click on MY STATES NOT LISTED in the Search box and we'll make every effort to get it added as soon as possible!

If you follow a particular blog in a state that's not listed, let us know which one. We'll reach out to them and see if we can get the information needed.

I'm logging in, but it keeps taking me to a log-in page.

You've entered your username and password, but you keep returning to the login screen. This is because the site cannot find you in the system. Either the username or password entered is incorrect.

You can either click the "forgot your username" or "forgot your password" links to be emailed a reminder.  Or you can email us and we'll find the information for you.

Remember, passwords are case-sensitive. That means 'PASSWORD' is not the same as 'password' or 'Password'.

Can I send you my expired coupons for the military donations?

Please do not mail us your expired coupons. Unfortunately we are just not set up to manage this. There are, however, several organizations ready to take your coupons.

Please visit our Military donations page for more information.

Now it's easy to clean out your expired coupons
Send your expired coupons to the military

How it works

Choose your state to see which inserts are safe to clean out.

Don't Toss 'em Out

Military families can use coupons up to 6 months past expiration.

Now it's easy to clean out your coupons
Now it's easy to clean out your coupons
Now it's easy to clean out your coupons